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Simply the best care for your changing needs

Home Care is assistance provided by healthcare professionals in the comfort of your own home. Our onsite care team, comprised of carers and registered nurses, can assist you with a mixture of daily tasks, including, for example, dressing, bathing, mobility and taking medication. At St Louis, we offer a full range of personal and clinical care services through our onsite care team. We believe that Home Care involves more than just helping out with daily chores and medical needs; it allows you to continue living independently and get the most out of life.


Is home care right for me?

Home Care is useful if you are finding it increasingly difficult to complete everyday tasks alone. Our highly skilled and compassionate staff are available to assist you with anything you may need. Our expert team can explain how home care works and assist you in tailoring a Home Care Package to suit your needs.
Importantly, Home Care Packages are provided on a ‘Consumer-Directed Care’ basis. This means that you control how funds are used with respect to your care, obligation-free.


Care options:

  • Transportation (e.g. to and from appointments)
  • Cleaning
  • Laundry (including linen changes)
  • Shopping
  • Allied Health Services (e.g. physio, podiatry)
  • Meal preparation
  • Gardening
  • Maintenance of your unit
  • Social outings
  • Emotional support
  • Exercise programs
  • Mobility Device
  • Rental or purchase (e.g. Electric Scooter)
  • Assistance with showers and dressing
  • Wound care
  • Respite for a carer spouse

What is the cost?

Home Care is available to all residents on a fee-for-service basis or via a government-subsidised Home Care Package. Eligibility for government-subsidised care is determined through an assessment.

For pay-as-you-go clients, our schedule of service rates is available upon request.

The care received under a government-subsidised Home Care Package will depend on the level of care that you require. There are four levels of government funded Home Care Packages:

– Level 1: basic level care needs
– Level 2: low level care needs
– Level 3: intermediate level care needs
– Level 4: high level care needs

A typical Home Care Package provides several hours a week of government-subsidised assistance in your home, ensuring that you will receive the care you need whilst also maintaining your independence.
For government-funded Home Care Packages:

Self-funded retirees(non-pensioners) pay an income tested fee, which applies where your income is above the basic rate of pension. For self-funded retirees who are entitled to a Level 3 or 4 Home Care Package, the government subsidy will be significantly higher than the weekly fee paid.

For self-funded retirees who are not entitled to a Level 3 or 4 Home Care Package, St Louis Estate can provide reasonably priced services directly to you.

For self-funded retirees paying the full fee, no Centrelink income assessment is required.

Part-pensioners pay discounted income tested fees. For part pensioners on any Home Care Package, the government subsidy received in most instances will be significantly higher than the weekly fee paid.

Full pensioners are not required to pay for Home Care services, and there is no Income Tested Fee or co-payment.

More details and a fee estimator are available at

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Over 40 years of trusted service

St Louis Estate Home Care is part of the family-owned Continuing Health Care Group, which has been a trusted provider of home and aged care for elderly Western Australians for over 40 years.

Our coordinators and staff are locally based and are available 7 days a week to help deliver high-quality Home Care services and packages that are tailored to your individual needs.

As part of the family owned Continuing Health Care Group, we have become a trusted provider of home care for over 50 years and our dedicated team can assist in selecting from a range of services, planning and budgeting.

Bring your Home Care to us

If you are new to Home Care, the CHC Home and Aged Care team can assist you with determining which Home Care Package is most suitable to your circumstances.

If you have an existing Home Care Package with another provider, contact our expert team to enquire whether we can assist you with obtaining a higher level of service under your Home Care Package than your existing provider.

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